Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

A lot of chucking wood.

I queued my playlist but nothing is showing...?

Please be patient, we process thousands of tracks at any given time and our engine is constantly working relentlessly. Go grab lunch, come back and try to refresh and your list should be ready. If the videos listed in your playlist are deleted or changed to a private video(s), we will not be able to locate these for you.

Please report any bugs to us through our Facebook page.

Will I have my music forever? Do I own my music?

Depending on the music marketplace you purchase from, that answer would be a likely yes just like purchasing any physical cds, or memorabilia. Unlike streaming services, you don't actually own that music, that means if you don't have any internet for whatever reason or no more subscription (or a zombie apocolypse), you will be music-less. When you purchase your music, you will have your music collection for as long as you have power and a device to play them!

How do you offer such an awesome service for free!?

Our model is dependent on you purchasing your songs through us with our affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission purchases you make, so thank you in advance! We earn a little for our work, your favourite artists get paid, your music marketplace(s) gets paid, and you won't be charged extra, so everybody wins!

I submitted my favourite playlist but nothing is showing...

Any playlist you submit must be publicly visible so our crawler can see it, if it already is then playlist is in queue and will continue in the background. If our crawler can find your tracks then it will be available shortly and you will be able to click NEXT to see more. Please report any bugs to us and include your playlist(s) in your message.